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The Author

Cherisa Jerez is the author of For Those Left Behind and Broken & Redeemed. She was born in a small suburb in Miami, FL before moving to the West Texas town of El Paso at the age of eight.

After having completed a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Texas at El Paso, she decided to pursue one of the many dreams she had on the bucket list of “what I want to be when I grow up,” and joined the Army as a Signal (Communications) Officer. After being commissioned as a 2LT, she was relocated back to Fort Bliss, TX, a large Army base in El Paso, TX, and returned to the town where she’d grown up.

While serving as a Platoon Leader at Fort Bliss, she went back to school at the pilot campus and pursued a Masters in Business Administration from Webster University in St. Louis, MO. Having fulfilled two lifelong dreams of both earning an MBA and serving in the military, Cherisa separated from active duty in 2011 and went to work for a medical device manufacturer in the beautiful city of Dorado, Puerto Rico.

Feeling invincible, she decided to pursue the biggest dream she’d had yet – to write a book. After having experienced the challenges of waiting for a deployed soldier/husband, and seeing very little literature to help prepare anyone for the entire experience, she set out to write a book.

In 2009 she published her first book titled For Those Left Behind, a book dedicated to those facing the challenge of their loved ones being deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. Still working full time and raising her family, it took nearly four years to complete her next work an autobiography aptly titled Broken & Redeemed.

Her newest book is a labor of love, focusing on her own personal and tragic story of the consequences related to Post Abortive Stress and the challenges it took to finally seek inner healing, after nearly eighteen years of suffering. Cherisa’s goal is that her story reach the lives of many women and family members who’ve been hurt by the decision to terminate a pregnancy. With so much recent media on the topic it was a perfect time to shed light on the need to seek healing and closure for the open wound that causes tragic repercussions many refuse to recognize.

Cherisa is currently living in central South Carolina with her husband and two daughters, where she’s hard at work on her next book.